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Folk Space

Osborne Park /
Yoga. Breath. Reformer.

Space for our folk to practice, move + connect. 

Our Yoga Space

Discover an inviting space where yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes are accessible to all. Our mission is to create an inclusive community, offering affordable passes starting at only $10 per week. Join us in cultivating a positive and supportive environment where individuals can begin, develop, and sustain their practice with ease.


Our Pilates Space

In our Pilates space we take immense pride in offering a personalised and intimate experience for our students. Nestled within our space are just 8 Reformers, ensuring a focused and supportive atmosphere where individuals can truly thrive. Our mission is to cultivate an environment of encouragement and support, empowering each student to reach their full potential on their Pilates journey.


View our schedule below

We have up to 9 classes per day, with a range of energy levels and variety of wonderful teachers.

New to the studio?
Take advantage of our Intro Offers

Join us for unlimited practice:

2 weeks Reformer - $59

4 weeks yoga + breathwork - $59

4 weeks yoga, breathwork + reformer - $99

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