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Honour Yourself

Practice challenge

The challenge

We love setting goals that bring us closer to ourselves, improve our mental health and deepen our practice, so a month long challenge to practice as often as possible sounded like a good plan.


We then realised that what challenges us, and works to improve our mental health and dedication to practice isn't that same as anyone else. So, this challenge is a little different. Take a breath, tune into what you feel could really benefit you and set that as your challenge.  You choose what works for you.

Perhaps you come to the studio frequently and want to up it even more.

Maybe you'd like to do breathwork more often, maybe pilates.

Maybe there are some classes out of your comfort zone, and you want to do one of them a week. 

Maybe you want to include a daily self practice too (hey, we'll have something for you there to help - read on)

Is just one class a week a big deal (mamas we feel you)?

We'd like whatever you set to have improving your mental health in mind.

We'd also like you to set tangible and actionable goals (eg - attend 2 breathwork classes + 1 yoga class per week)


Here is our schedule, so you can see what's on offer. We will additionally release a short video each week with a meditation or breathwork practice that can be done daily for as long or short a timeframe as you choose.

Everyone that enters will receive a gift, and there are additionally some HUGE prizes to win. You will also get access to our private FB group with lots of community love at support!!!!

It's free to enter, simply register below. All new sales that relate to the challenge will have $5 donated to Beyond Blue. You will also receive a welcome pack with a donation link to share to help us raise funds for this charity during our challenge. 

So, set your goals and lets kick off Feb well! YOUR challenge starts 1st Feb.

New students, please sign up to one of our special Intro Offers to join us HERE.


Everyone else, you can join the challenge on any existing membership or pass OR take up our Challenge Special HERE*

*you can pause 5,10 + 20 class passes during this time.

Join the challenge
Please note your responses will be shared in the studio

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